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Greek Black Metal scene is known with Rotting Christ, Septicflesh, Astarte but there are more in the depths of Hellenistic darkness. Hellenistic Black Metal has an unique dark/melancholic atmosphere that drags one into ancient times merging into malicious dreams,  mesmerizing rhythmic rituals, nocturnal feelings on the shores of Wine Dark Aegean Sea...

Thanks to my friend Macabre who introduced  me these bands and gave me an idea to summon infernal demons via Hellenistic charms...

Now, in the name of  Triskelion,  pagan symbol, threefold ideology that find its place via incanny expressions referring Luciferian light, my favourite three bands, KAWIR, LUCIFERIAN CHILD, LLOTH are presented for your darkest desires...


Old times, echoes reflecting sounds from Non Serviam era...
Dark melancholic melodies, Sliding guitars, gravelly vocals in mid-tempo songs takes one to time travel...

From Athens, Attica.

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Album: Εξιλασμός / 2017

Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Genre: Pagan Black Metal

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Melodies surrounded by progressive touches...

From Athens, Attica.

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Album: The Wiccan / 2015

Label: Agonia Records

Genre: Progressive Black Metal

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Strong sound, more into modern black metal also going to groovy direction...

Elefsina, Attica.

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Album: Athanati / 2015

Label: Sleaszy Rider Records

Genre: Melodic black/death

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