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November, 2017

Hello Werwolf, how have you been lately? Is there any upcoming projects for Satanic Warmaster? You performed in Colombia in July. How was the audience, organization? I suppose you should have met with many Satanic Warmaster enthusiasts at there.

Both the organization and the audiences were brilliant on the recent mini-tour in Colombia and Mexico. Especially seeing the maniac crowd and meeting legends from bands such as Reencarnacion, Parabellum, Blasfemia, Nebiros and Maleficarum in Medellin was like a dream come true for me.

Satanic Warmaster has a long run from 2000s. Your latest full length is Fimbulwinter released in 2014 which I find more melodic and epic with norse mythology influences than the previous works and it is also one of my favorites after Carelian Satanist Madness album. What do you think about evolution of Satanic Warmaster music?

I have always considered all my albums to be entities of their own that reflect the visions and the ambitions of the time they were made in. I always start building a new album from a clean slate, with no reference to the previous albums. With this recipe a Satanic Warmaster album can be anything and even I don’t necessarily know how it will turn out in the end.

Black metal found its real form in the beginning of 90s with Norwegian black metal bands and spread all over the world. But however it is a Scandinavian music with the themes of wild Nordic nature, coldness and isolated attitude. How do you interpret black metal as a Nordic band carrying the specific culture?

I wouldn’t say the wave started by the Scandinavian bands is necessarily the “real” form of Black Metal, as there have been so many other interpretations of the idea that have been equally pure. Despite the fact that nature has always had a certain level of impact on me, the core and the primal force that reflects into Black Metal through me is Satan.

Finland had been out of the inner circle back then. In the beginning of 90s Norway ruled the scene and there was some contradiction between Norway and Sweden. In 2000s Sweden started to be dominant and many recognized bands have shown up. What has been Finland’s position in the scene so far according to you?

I really cannot consider Finnish Black Metal as a positive trait anymore. As it happened in other countries that gained attention because of the bands that emerged from the country, sub-par bands are now exploiting the trend in Finland as well. The amount of true bands such as Musta Surma, Warloghe, Clandestine Blaze, Goatmoon, Behexen etc. is still as low as it ever was.

You have released an EP in Chinese in 2015. What is the story behind?

This was actually just the vinyl re-issue of the “Gas Chamber” demo tape that was previously not released on vinyl.

In 2016, you released instrumental versions of Strength & Honour, Carelian Satanist Madness and Opferblut. What is the reason of this idea?

I was going through my archives, and found tapes with instrumental versions of the albums. As things like this were spread in the ‘90s through tape trading circles, I thought they might be interesting for some maniacs.

I would like to ask which parts of the town influence you while creating your dark art. You know towns like Bergen, Goteborg are identified with their specific sound created by the bands from there.

The parts that not in the actual city, but as far away from it as possible.

What does Carelian region mean to you? Lapppenranta is part of it where has a specific subculture inside Finland. Have you tracked any history or folklore about this region?

It is where I was born, and the lands given to my blood by kings are here. There are several pre-christian sacred places, sacrificial stones, sacred meadows and such.

You had a contradiction with journalist Kim Kelly. What happened really? What is the problem of this man?

Politically motivated journalists who try to drag you into their little games have no value. Kelly obviously needs to grab reality with both hands.

What does black metal mean for you as it has diverted paths lately including nationalism that has taken roots from Burzum?

Black Metal has never had real boundaries, if it’s Black Metal, then it’s Black Metal. No matter if it deals with national pride, suicide, love or whatever. If it’s life loving and equality preaching shit, then it’s not Black Metal.

Misanthropy has always been part of black metal that is used in lyrics and found its place in the ideology with isolation. How do you define misanthropy for your life and in black metal?

I define it literally: a dislike of humankind.

Satanic Warmaster lyrics are also into themes as vampirism and lycanthropy which are part of horror literature. As a horror story author, I am curious which authors; poets are you interested to read?

Vampirism and lycanthropy are not horror, they are reality and a part of magickal work, paragons of the true Satanist and symbolic archetypes of great power. When you bring these characteristics to the real world, horror literature has no value. Personally I am not a great aficionado of poetry.

As a band carrying its name, what is your point of view to Satanism? There are many ecoles while interpreting Satanism. There is a satanic mass in Scandinavia which sounds like an organized religion; Anton La Vay has his own ideas; or symbolic Satan as a rebellious figure where the art is called dark arts.

I am a Satanist. I believe in the Satanist’s ultimate power over the weak, and the destructive and therefore initially creative force of the dark king of the universe, Satan.

Image result for SATANIC WARMASTERHave you ever taken influences from melancholy? What is that ancient black bile mean for you? Is art born from suffering?

There have been darker times in my life when melancholy has reflected in my music as well. In many cases art is indeed born from torment.

Finnish people are known with their drinking habits. What do you think? What is your favorite drink if you are into? How is Sahti by the way, does it worth to try?  As an interviewer, I am coming from wine country and I always think that wine fits black metal more than any other drinks. Could you please tell us your favorite grape if you like wine?

I personally like to drink a lot. I like a lot of different kinds of drinks (wine as well, even though I am not really an expert), but good vodka is always the best.

For my point of view, in Finnish culture being in extremes, pushing the limits and being weird are way more common than any other culture. Do you think if this extreme life style might be the reason to let people discover black metal?

Finnish people have a similar characteristic with f.ex. the Japanese, that if we find something that we truly appreciate, we embrace with excessive passion. Those willing to venture deepest into darkness will naturally sometimes discover Black Metal, too.

Please share you last words and wishes. Thank you for the interview. 

Thank you for the interview. LUX EX TENEBRIS. Ave Satanas.