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Aethereus new album "Leiden" is ripping the heart out of the musical boundaries all over in the very progressive shores.

Album: Leiden

Release Date: 14 January 2022 

Label: The Artisan Era

Genre:  Technical Death Metal

Country: USA

Line Up:

Benjamin Gassman - Guitars 
Kyle Chapman - Guitars & Vocals
Matt Behner - Drums
Vance Bratcher - Vocals
Scott Hermanns - Bass

Guest-solos from Mike Low (Inferi), Malcolm Pugh (Inferi), and Sanjay Kumar (Wormhole, Equipoise), as well as guest vocals from Mike Alvarez (Flub) and Kyle Rasmussen (Vitriol).

AETHEREUS - Behold, The World Eater [Official Music Video]

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Single: Crimson Desolation of Morbid One
Release Date: 16 November 2021
Genre:  Black Metal
Country: Turkey

Line Up:

Serpent - Guitars & Bass
Damnare - Vocals

Hear the radient sound striking in the depths of desolated darkness...

Wrathfist is a two-man Black Metal band from Turkey formed in 2007. 

Multi-project musician Serpent can be tracked via the exclusive interview done for his another black metal band Daelkyr on Black Metal Chronicles pages before.

Daelkyr Interview

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Three basic human emotions...

Tragedy... Moonlover
Ecstacy... Starmourner
Dread/Hatred... Self Loather

A blink to Mark Rothko

Official visualizer for the track "Convince Me To Bleed" from the GHOST BATH album "Self Loather," out October 29th, 2021 via Nuclear Blast

Lately the atmospheric / post black bands tend have mellifluous sound after they had made the climax albums as if they finally come to sunlight after circulating in the darkest alures. As a sunloather and more, this belief is fully devastated by the Ghost Bath's new release with heavier, darker, chaotic composition carrying the Ghost Bath's inevitable marks hidden in the heartbeats of the melodies!

There is a very interesting interview in the zine for those who haven't read yet from 2019 which was done by me just before the Ghost Bath concert in Leipzig/Germany. 

2021-08-13 - Atmospheric black metallers GHOST BATH announced their fourth full-length album, "Self Loather" will be released on October 29th via Nuclear Blast Records. On the album, the band closes out the trilogy - tragedy, ecstasy, and dread/hatred - and hosts their most devastating and dark music to date. Today, the band releases the first single, "Convince Me to Bleed".

Dennis Mikula comments, “'Self Loather' was always a part of my creative vision. I had imagined this final record of the trilogy to be heavier, more devastating, dark, and vicious. It is by far the record most filled with hatred. The three basic human emotions I wanted to capture were tragedy ('Moonlover'), ecstasy ('Starmourner'), and dread/hatred ('Self Loather'). While at the same time, all of these express depression and sorrow. I believe in this record we found our sound. The original title was Sunloather, and though I hate the sun, I found that it did not fit with the theme of everything we were forming. There is something I hate much more than the sun. And so we made the decision to forego the cosmic prefix and replace it with the true nature of this album. Self."

Pre-order your copy of Self Loather, here: (US only)

Pre-save the album digitally here:

GHOST BATH’s fourth full-length sets the mood meter to desolation/antipathy—and never quite let's go. Produced by the band with Xander Moser engineering at Tree Speak Recording Studio in Minneapolis and mixed by Jack Shirley (DEAFHEAVEN, BOSSE-DE-NAGE) at The Atomic Garden Recording Studios in Oakland, Self Loather is a sonic exercise in shadow, nuance, and, most of all, power. The band enlisted Zdzisław Beksiński to create the cover artwork which was licensed through the Muzeum Historyczne w Sanoku.

Below is the Self Loather tracklist:

Convince Me to Bleed
Hide from the Sun (feat. CJ McMahon of THY ART IS MURDER)
Shrines of Bone
Sanguine Mask
Crystal Lattice
Sinew and Vein (feat. Graf of PSYCHONAUT 4)
I hope death finds me well
For it is a Veil
Flickering Wicks of Black


Dennis Mikula | Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Synths, Lyrics
Tim Church | Guitar
John Olivier | Guitar
Josh Jaye | Bass
Jason Hirt | Drums

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Horror-Rock Pioneer Alice Cooper's new studio album "Detroit Stories" and the real shocking story behind...

21st solo, 28th studio album.

Produced by Bob Ezrin.

Featuring various names as Tommy Henriksen, Wayne Kramer, Tommy Denander, Bob Seger, Ryan Roxie, Chuck Garric.

Alice Cooper about "Detroit Stories" - New studio album 

Listen from here:

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Interview: Zeynep Çolakoğlu

Photos: Tarık Gök (İzmir Voivod concert/16.12.2019)

 February 2021

Voivod, progressive thrash metal of all times came to our city, Izmir on December, 16th 2019. I could never miss a chance to do an interview with Away, drummer of this enchanting band whom I read his book many times and delved into graphic arts in countless times. Thanks to Dystopia Promoters, the dream came true, Voivodians had meet&greet in our metal bar, Dinozor; experienced an extra-long setlist including both old and new material and Fix My Heart after 25years at the breath-taking Voivod concert! What is more this exclusive interview found its place in Black Metal Chronicles pages!

Throughout its history, Voivod has come across many things; being a band from a small town in northern Quebec called Jonquière, Canada back at the beginning of 80s, guitarist Piggy’s lost from cancer, bass guitarist Blacky’s absence twice, but reformed in 2008 and still standing in the full force with fired up! In 2019, The Wake album hit the shelves having the line-up Away (drums), Snake (vocals), Chewy (guitars), and Rocky (bass guitar).


This interview is published in Turkish on Headbang Bookazine Farewell Issue in September 2020.

Z: How’re things with you and the band at the moment? Referring to the album name “The Wake”, it seems like a real wake of Voivod as you have started touring and even came to İzmir/Turkey finally!

A: We feel really fantastic, the new album doing very well, people love it since it came out last year September. The shows are doing better, people show up, we play in front of crowds, we enjoy it a lot. Especially it is more exciting to be here in Turkey for the first time, so it is wonderful.

Legendary Voivod Concert / İzmir (TUR)


Z: This time only Izmir…

A: Yes, yes, next time we will be in more cities.


Z: Japan, Australia, and Europe tour with “The Wake” album. How are the observations so far? Is it different in the Far East for such concerts as I see that many bands are willing to play there lately?

A: The reaction is always great, it is different in South America, they are more old school and they have huge moshpit, in Japan they are more reserved during the songs, but between the songs, they applaud a lot, so every country is sort of different, everybody seems to be into thrash metal these days, so there has been lots of energy in the crowd.


Z: The new album has some frequencies that make me think where I did remember this part at this album or at which Voivod album that I heard this before, etc. How did you web these melodies so interbedded, was it intentional?

A: I think it is because Chewy and Rocky do love every period of Voivod, Snake and I bring the old school touch, punk, so there are old ingredients of the past plus a new twist. I think it is more fusion metal what we have done for “The Wake”.


Z: Speaking of “The Wake” universe, there is a puzzling song called 'Sonic Mycelium' in the album. Could you please talk about the one who hasn’t discovered yet?

A: Well, first it was supposed to be 2 minutes long and instrumental, but then Snake decided to bring some parts of the songs on top of it, Chewy just went crazy and made it into a long song, and now it is like a very complicated ending of the album, so I am not even ever sure if we can play it alive, but will eventually, but it was something that actually we wrote in the studio, so it was a bit difficult.

 Z: 'Sonic Mycelium' includes the main riffs of all songs from this album, right?

A: And also Snake sings lyrics from the different songs from this album. And there are also some hints of ‘Jack the Luminous’ from the “Outer Limits” album.


Z: Is it in a melodic or lyrical sense?

A: Lyrical. A couple of sentences come from ‘Jack the Luminous’. But also a couple of music parts give hint to ‘Jack the Luminous’.


Z: Throughout the Voivod history, 4 bass players. Started with Blacky (Jean-Yves Thériault), Eric Forrest, Jason Newsted, and now Rocky (Dominique Laroche). Jason Newsted had quite a reputation back then. After 2005, can we say Jason Newsted was a driving force to finish the pearls (2003’s Voivod, 2006's Katorz, and 2009's Infini) left from Piggy and move on after Piggy’s lost? How was working with him?

A: Jason was very important, we did 3 albums with him, he has his own record label, own studio. Like you said he was a driving force for these 3 albums. Also, his bass playing is close to Black Sabbath so it was a good challenge for me to adapt to this style, I loved it. It is a more stoner style.


Z: If I am not wrong, Voivod bass players are playing with the pick as well. Does it have a specific contribution to Voivod sound or anything? Lemmy is the musician that always did things his way like playing bass with the pick, and in doing so he paved the way for so many other bands.

A: Yeah, all the bass players we have, play with the pick. Piggy was very insistent on that. Our riffs are more appropriate for playing with the pick. Rocky, he likes to play the Voivod songs without the pick and it is perfect as well, both would work. For me, I am a big fan of Iron Maiden, Steve Harris plays with his fingers and I am a huge fan of Lemmy from Motörhead, he plays with the pick, so I can understand both styles. But for Voivod, it might be more appropriate to pay with the pick.


Z: “The Wake” is Dominique Laroche’s first album. What about the chemistry?

A: It is amazing. The chemistry, the new line up are all fantastic. I think that’s why the new album is so well received. We worked a lot on it and there is no way that we could have worked as hard on this album without having that type of chemistry right now. So things are doing very well and we have started writing new material!


Z: What wonderful news! Waiting for the new album eagerly! Let’s talk about the setlist now. You have chosen songs from the first 7 and last 2 albums. No songs from Eric Forrest and Jason Newsted era, what is the reason for this?

A: It is difficult now because we have too many albums. But sometimes we play ‘Forlorn’ from Eric era, sometimes ‘Global Warning’ and ‘Treasure Chase’ from the Jason era, but at this moment we play songs from “The Outer Limits”, new material from “Post Society” and “The Wake”. But this is for the moment. We have been discussing playing the songs ‘Mercury’, ‘Nanoman’, so eventually, it will come to the setlist.


Z: What will you play from “Outer Limits” as it is my favorite album?

A: ‘Fix My Heart’, for the first time in 25 years. Besides we will have an extra-long setlist this time.


Z: It is wonderful to hear that! Can’t wait! So, after all, you have 35+ years career, how do you interpret in terms of fans, festivals, shows, the feedback you have received? How do you interpret the metal scene these days?

A: Metal is very healthy nowadays, in the 90s we had a couple of tours which was more difficult, metal had a lower profile than in the 80s or now at that time. So during the grunge act years and then after the techno year, it was more difficult but these days there are young people into thrash metal all around the world. And we tried to look like what we had looked back then and we see them singing the lyrics of the new album as well so it is very exciting.


Z: It was amazing to see Voivod at Montreal Jazz Festival on 30 June 2019 as a jazz fan and a Voivodian. How did it happen?

A: Yeah, it is. Organizer always dreamed of having Voivod at that festival so he finally asked us so we prepare something special for him including a brass section. Actually, we have a new video that is coming out for ‘End of Dormancy’ so we got the same quintet in the studio to do the special version that is based on what we had played at the jazz festival.

Voïvod Montreal Jazz Fest 2019

Z: Great! How was working with the jazz composers when you compare with the rock?

A: Well, Chewy wrote the chart for the brass section, he composed everything so it was very natural. Anyway, it was great working with these people because they have never played with a metal band before but always dreamed to play with a very rock ensemble. They told us that it was their favorite show this year.


Z: In the previous year, Van der Graaf Generator was at this jazz festival, right?

A: Yes, they were there and they are my favorite band of all time!


Z: Which album of Van der Graaf Generator you like most?

A: “H to He” and “Pawn Hearts”. But I love all the albums and also new ones. I also went to see them at the jazz fest in Montreal.


Z: I really love the ‘Darkness’ song from “The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other”. It is amazing.

A: Yeah it is amazing. I met them two years ago. We won a progressive award in London so I went there to take the trophy. Peter was there and I spoke to him and he spoke to me in French. He is a super nice guy, I was really impressed, and he is my hero.


Z: Are you still seeing such division among the fans about Voivod eras of thrash  metal (RRROOOAAARRR”, “Killing Technology” and “Dimension Hatross) and progressive metal (Nothingface, Angel Rat, Outer Limits). What do you think?

A: Not as much as in the past. When Angel Rat came out, people didn’t like it, many people like the 80s thrash metal style, so they didn’t understand “Outer Limits” or “Angel Rat”. But now people love these albums. Now most of the people like all catalog which is great.


Z: Nothingface has the uniqueness in concept by taking a step into Voivod’s brain so psychedelic, missing details of its personality so nothing face, alienation of the outside world meaning living into a sort of hypercube. Missing Sequences is related with Alcan Al factory knowing causes to Alzheimer, sub-effect is paranormal, the inner contribution is about alchemy. Voivod’s mercury symbolism started by this. Maybe you know, mercury was considered the spirit of any given material in ancient times. Paracelsus explained it simply as such, saying: "For Mercury is the spirit (as mind), sulfur is the soul, and salt is the body, and mercury was thought to transcend life/death and heaven/earth”.

A: Oh really? I didn’t know that. When I was a teenager, I read a book called “The Morning of the Magicians”, and I really interested in alchemy for a lot of things that were based on mercury. I went to college to study chemistry because I was so obsessed with alchemy. We also talked about mercury in the “Phobos” album.


Z: I am a chemical engineer, like you, I am interested in the topic hence chose to study.

A:  Ah ok. I got interested physics, quantum physics too so when I went to university it was more into science not in chemistry but in physics.


Z: It was the reason that you called Away because of being away when there was a rehearsal, right? Then you directed your career towards music. What do you think right now when you look back? Are you satisfied with your choice?

A: I will never know if it was a good choice, I don’t know what would have happened to me if I was going to keep on studying at the university. But it was impossible to go because of the whole work, so I decided to try music. By the way, I did go back to school twice, but it was studying in 2D, 3D animation. I never got back to school in science. In the end, I am very satisfied with what happened in my life, I am happy with all those travels I did, all the friends I met, new friends, old friends. I have a fantastic life also because when I am not touring or recording with Voivod, I am doing art for other bands at home.


Z: Your art is very famous in the metal scene actually. As I heard that people want specifically your style, similar to Voivod for their band also.

A: Yes, yes, they are looking for that signature.


Z: Do you have any plans for your second book?

A: Yes, actually it is an art that I did on road, every city after the night, I drew my impression on the city, so the next book is going to be all the art that I did on the road since the last booking, 2008, since we formed with Chewy. I have done thousands of drawings so far. It will be the same publisher, Spider Press, it should come up next year.


Z: Will it be with Martin Popoff as well like the previous one?

A: No, Martin won’t involve because there won’t be as much text as the first book, it is going to be minimum text by myself. And also backstage passes, flyers, posters, a lot of photos and a lot of drawings.


Z: Can’t wait for that! Special memento to Voivodians. As for Voivod İzmir concert organizer, you met in Prague concert years ago, right? How do you remember those times?

A: I remember very well, he was outside and I gave a pass to him to get in. And I saw him after in London, I was in touch with him all the time, Prague and 3 years after, London, a couple of times since then, but we kept texting each other.


Z: Who are your favorite graphic artists?

A: Probably Philip Druillet from Heavy Metal Magazine, Moebius, Bilal but especially Philip.


Z: What are you listening to lately?

A: I love buying new albums of the old bands. I love the new Judas Priest album, new Iron Maiden album, new Van der Graaf Generator album, new Discharge album, and new Subhumans album. These are the bands that I saw recently, that I still love and they still kicking, so I buy their albums. From the new bands, they are not a new band anymore but we played with Gojira last year and I really love them.


Z: I would like to mention something when I met you here. I am a horror story author, I wrote a story that influenced by Voivod song ‘Le Pont Noir’ including a character called Eric Le Pont Noir who is the last original vampire, book, and LP collector. There are also many Voivod songs references due to the context as it is a puzzle story that only a Voivodian can understand, what is going on really.  It is a gothic horror storybook called İstanbul'un Karanlığında (Within the Darkness of Istanbul) having two authors both have 3 stories and will be published this year.

A: This is interesting (laughing). Le Pont Noir is influenced by an old folk tale. Whenever people build a bridge in Quebec, it was said that the first person who would cross it, there was a chance that the devil hiding under the bridge, take his/her soul, so all the time the creature who passes the bridge first is a black cat, so devil takes its soul instead of a human being.


Z: Thank you for the interview, can you define Voivod’s meaning in your life in a word?

A: It is liberty, freedom, I have been a free person in my life because of music. Thank you too.




 Few notes from organizer Dystopia Promoters


How was the dream concert in your words? Voivod’s İzmir observation, meet&greet party, show, audience?  You have had a long-time dialogue with Voivod. You met with them in Prague, London concerts years ago. How do you remember those times?


Since 1984 I've been a follower of Voivod's sonic journey. I even recall exchanging letters with Euronymous, his pushing me into underground bands, me, pushing him into Voivod. When the internet was available in Turkey around 1993-4 my first search was on Voivod. In a short time with luck I get to meet their manager and then reach Away online. A connection with Away since then has been slowly building up the İzmir Voivod gig. In the meantime, I had visited Voivod during Negatron tour in Prague and during Phobos tour in London, hanged around with the band members and have fond memories of their down to earth & intellectual personalities, and their unbelievable quality of music. Both gigs were in small bar-venues since the 1990s weren't good for metal bands but Voivod was delivering their unique setlist to their hardcore fans. Later when I started to promote band gigs, the initial plan was to have both Mekong Delta and Voivod on the same bill in 2014, but due to Voivod's position only MD played.


Having a Voivod gig in my mind, I couldn't miss the chance when Eric Forrest was playing a few shows re-visiting his Negatron-Phobos era Voivod by only playing songs from those two albums so I invited E-Force to İzmir to fill the stage with his sound in 2017. Without knowing at the time I'll have Voivod in 2019, I became the only lucky one to have both bands and thus resulting in getting to hear all eras of Voivod live on the gigs (as of now Voivod hasn't played live any Negatron-Phobos songs with current lineup) I promoted.


But after another fail in August 2019, finally in 16th Dec 2019 Voivod walked in İzmir. My partner in crime IronFist Organization and I had a great couple of days with the band and they enjoyed their time here. It was the most eastern part they had ever visited and they enjoyed every moment. They had been in Europe for a month full of gigs, living on a tour bus and supporting Gwar! and after that snowy tour, İzmir was a sunny welcome with climate, people, and food. Their visit to Dinozor Metal Bar to meet fans was cool on Sunday night, especially as the band entered the bar the intro of Star Wars was played, kinda amused the band. Since it was the only headline show for Voivod in this tour, and first ever in Turkey they decided to add a few more gems in their long setlists like Tribal Convictions which was never before played live with Chewy and Rocky. A Monday night and İzmir don't go hand in hand for metal shows but around 150 people showed up. The backline, setup, and sound engineering were top-notch, and Voivod gave all they had on and off the stage, creating both a sonical and social trace in the audience. Voivod went back with great memories and promised to come back for a Turkey tour on the next album's tour.





 2019 “Juno Award” (Canada's Grammy's) for Best Hard Rock / Metal album.

2019 Polaris Music Prize Long List Nomination.

2017 “Visionary Award” at the Progressive Music Awards in the U.K


Latest Official Video

VOIVOD - The End Of Dormancy (Metal Section) (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the EP "The End Of Dormancy", out July 10th, 2020





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 September 2020

Forgotten's latest album “Of Past and Passion” tells a grievous story with its sorrowful melodies, variations from death grunts to whispers and glamorous heart beats. 

Once these melodies diffuse into your vein, the circle is meant to be started, then you find yourself endlessly replaying the "Of Past and Passion".

Here, FORGOTTEN is hailing from this gloomy Anatolian city called Ankara (Turkey) where you can find out various legendary sounds of heavy metal by years. 

"Sadness and melancholia are the undeniable facts of life."

Forgotten has been in the scene since 1997 but various breaks by time. The latest full-length “Of Past and Passion” is released in April 2019 from Sleaszy Rider Records. What do you want to say about the band’s evolution? Can we say that Forgotten has set up the final line-up nowadays?


Tolga: First of all, I want to mention that Forgotten in the scene since 1995. In my opinion in life we can never say “this if final”, we can only hope, I think. I hope this is final line up of Forgotten. We changed line up several times and our music turned into a darker direction. We were always keeping doom metal touches within our music and mixing with them with some folk and epic melodies but now we put an end to use folk melodies and left only doom side of Forgotten.


With the latest full-length “Of Past and Passion”, the music genre has changed to doom/death metal and the band fully delved into a heavy atmosphere where listener can even touch melancholia conveying via notes. What was the reason of this diversion? Is it a new era under the same name?


Tolga: As I mentioned in my first answer, we were always a band with doom metal touches, you can hear them in our demos, especially in our second demo Retreat. But as every creature in the world we also progress and change. So, I can’t explain the reason of this change, may be because of the environment around us or may be because of the age but somehow we changed. May be the best answer is that we began to feel in this way.


"I mostly prefer music that awakes some emotions in me."

This album distinguished with its production quality and be can be counted as one of the good works in 2019. Could you please tell about the mastering, mixing steps and production details of the album?

Tolga: Thank you for your words about the album. We recorded it at Studio Deep in Ankara. Our friend Deniz Durdağ mixed and mastered the album. I must mention that this album could not be good if our producer Ali Öztürk and Deniz Durdağ were not with us. Ali forced us to play as good as we can, we recorded our parts several times, sometimes we deleted some of the recorded parts and again we recorded. Drums are recorded twice to get the best performance and sound etc. Deniz is one of the best sound engineers in Turkey. Mixing and mastering sessions took some months. We talked to Deniz several times about the sound and at the end we understood each other very well, we understood what he can do and he understood what we want. Here, the magical word is “communication”, we are old friends and we know each other very well and we know what we want. We felt very comfortable when we work together. This is the reason behind the good production quality.


Album includes two instrumental songs. “Remnants of a Faint Memory” is a piano track while the last song “Lethargic” focuses on guitar. Why did you decide to put two instrumental songs? May be the album can be a lit bit longer, what do you think?


Tolga: First of all, I want to say that “music is music”, we do not think that there is a difference between instrumental songs and songs with lyrics. So they are all same for us, there is no difference. There will be two instrumental songs in the new album too.

Harun: About the length, we can say that it is the only negative criticism we heard about the album. That’s because we didn’t want to wait for the writing process of the new tracks, and started to record with what we have in hand. But the next album will be much longer than this one. 


“'The Serpent Once You Were' indicates the desperate crawling of human kind against the inevitable end."

FORGOTTEN / "Of Past and Passion" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

“Of Past and Passion” reminds me the early Katatonia and early Lacrimas Profundere. This genre is quite unique with its style, themes, and audiences. What does doom/death music mean to you? What is the main lyrical content of the album?

Harun: Doom/death is one of the genres I used to listen since my early teenage years. I mostly prefer music that awakes some emotions in me. I see it as a tool to give yourself and the listener goose bumps. The lyrical content is mainly about what time does to the living things. It is about how life generates, evolves and ends. The phases a human being or a plant experience during its journey in this planet.


“The Serpent Once You Were” takes attention with is birth-death theme by starting with first beats and ends with fading heart rate signals. What is the metaphor of serpent; Lucifer, inner self or subconscious which might be interbedded in the end? 

Harun: It indicates the desperate crawling of human kind against the inevitable end. A helpless human being, resembling a reptile heading towards death, since birth.


Do you think if the music is a catharsis for you or a contrast/balance in life by accepting the heavy emotions as well? What do you think about creating sort of art in sadness and melancholia? What does melancholia mean for Forgotten?

Harun: Sadness and melancholia are the undeniable facts of life. There have been no adult in history, who have left this place without experiencing these feelings. So using these aspects in art or music is so normal. Of course we can say that music is a catharsis since you try to act out your feelings and your heaviest emotions as well.


Cover art resemblances a web coming from a mind binding all memories who is crushed under the bitter burden of the past. Who did the cover art and what does it depict according to you?

Tolga: The cover art is a photo that was taken by our guitarist Reha Kuldaşlı in Istanbul/Moda. Every autumn you can see that tree in the same way. I also think in the same way, a forgotten person who is crushed under the burden of the past and awaiting for the inevitable extinction.


"People who come to your shows are mostly expecting to hear that emotional sound and they are sensitive about it." 

Opening track “Of Past and Passion” with a raven voice brought me to Edgar Alan Poe. So, in literary or musical sense, how do Forgotten members feed themselves in their creativity? Music genres/eras you would like to mention or books/authors you would like to read?


Tolga: I read too much on international relations and policy because of my work and education. And they made me sick after a while; I think my creativity comes from the reality, real world and its disgusting nature. In literary sense; I love to read especially Poe, Orhan Kemal, as musical sense; I love all kind of music I do not separate genres, I listen what I love. But they do not feed me on their own, they all together feed me. I mean for example, Orhan Kemal does not feed me, the spirit of him and the real world combines together and they all together feed me.


Harun: Speaking for myself, I also do not distinguish between genres. Apart from metal, I listen to every type of music that evokes something in me. Besides music, almost everything we come across in daily life is feeding me in creativity. About literature, I can say that Charles Baudelaire is the most inspiring author for me. 


This music style carries too many emotions which are heavy in nature, so should be the most difficult one while performing, among others. What is the utmost importance for you to convey your music in live shows?


Harun: Yes, it is difficult indeed because you don’t usually found huge crowds in front of you when we are talking about doom metal. People who come to your shows are mostly expecting to hear that emotional sound and they are sensitive about it. You have to pick the right tunes and give the requested dark ambience to make them satisfied. For this, choosing a suitable intro to prepare the atmosphere is important I think. 


You are planning to release a cassette for collectors which includes your last gig in Ankara last year. At these tough days while we are missing concerts, festivals, let’s refresh these great memories. How was the gig, the atmosphere, audience? Was it a special gig for the band as you have recorded?


T&H: Yes, it was a special gig for us. It was the first gig after the release of the album. The audience and atmosphere was very good, we were at home, I mean in Ankara. To play at home is always special for the bands.


You announced that you have already started working on the new album. So far at which stage are you in? Have you planned any releasing time? What will be the concept? Will it be on the same direction with “Of Past and Passion” album?


T&H: Yes, as you mentioned we began to work for the new album. We still have not planned a releasing time but it will be in 2021, may be at the end of 2021, it is up to us. If we finish recording the album early then it will be released earlier. It will be almost on the same direction with “Of Past And Passion” but we have some death metal touches too. There will be very heavy and aggressive songs also we have in the second album. Bu general feeling, direction etc. are same with “Of Past And Passion”. There will be nine songs and it will be a longer album, approximately 55 minutes more or less.


As a musician, how do you affect from the pandemic in terms of creativity, motivation? Have you done any changes on your rehearsal routines, composition processes as Forgotten?

Tolga: Pandemic did not affect our songwriting process, because the songs were almost done but it affected our arrangement process and rehearsal routines. Because of the pandemic we cannot come together and work on the songs and lyrics and play together. Because of this, generally I wrote the riffs on the new album and with Ali Öztürk from Studio Deep we are arranging. Ali is also writing some riffs for the album when we work together. Now we are recording the demos of the songs and we will send them to other members to write their own parts and lyrics. Because of the pandemic we preferred to work in this way.


Trenchwar / Criminal Organizations

Tolga and Harun, your thrash metal project Trenchwar is ready to release the debut album entitled “Criminal Organizations” via Sleaszy Rider Records, right? But you came across some delay due to the pandemic. What is the last situation? Could you please tell about the motivation and the main desires of Trenchwar?


Tolga: Everything is ready for the album. We will send it for manufacturing to our label nowadays. Trenchwar was a one man project of me, I am a huge fan of thrash metal, especially Bay Area thrash metal. Since my childhood, I wanted to make thrash metal, Forgotten was also founded as a thrash metal band, after a while I changed the style. But the thrash metal flame was burning within me, when I decided to stop the activity of Forgotten in 2010s, I began to write thrash metal songs but not for an album, it was just for myself to express my feelings by guitar. And after a while I realized that I can make thrash metal songs and decided to record them. While recording the album other members joined the band. We are criticizing politicians, policy, religion, social decay etc.


Turkey has a powerful metal scene and many extreme acts in the underground. However, as I see that Ankara has a different vibe, scene is stronger, passion is higher, and many great bands are form Ankara in the Turkish metal history. What do you want to say about the city and scene?


Tolga: Ankara as you mentioned is different when it is compared to other cities. I think this is because of the social life, geography just like in Great Britain. In Izmir you can go somewhere to drink beer and watch the bay, and you can spend your time there, the weather is warm, the sky is blue etc., in Istanbul you can spend your time everywhere, the weather is good, you can join in tons of activities, there is Bosporus and sea etc., but in Ankara we do not have opportunities like you, we buy a case of beer and play in the practice room, and the sky is grey may be 6 months, it is very dark, dark grey. It changes our mood personally in bad way but in good way for the creativity and in winter very cold here, nobody goes out, and we stay at home and play and play and play. This is the difference of us and Ankara. Because of this, the metal bands of Ankara are great and always will be.



Please share your last words. Thank you for the interview.

 T&H: Thank you very much for this interview and take care!

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