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The damnation year of 2009 once again! The readers of this e-zine should have known about the aforementioned curse of 2009 already, now let me continue...

The black pearls of 2009 have never been stop scattering!
Now, here I  present the exclusive interview with Fenriz that I did years ago, guess which year? Yes, 2009! It was for my first ever black metal fanzine called ACEDIA. Fenriz's never minded and answered this long interview for a small underground black metal fanzine from TURKEY!

As a brief summary of ACEDIA;

Acedia is a kind of underground formation which includes not only musical aspect of Black Metal but also philosophical, ideological, visual means of art, poetic, etc. aspect of this dark ideology. It can be easily said that Acedia is dedicated to Black Metal Scene with every sides, every stones it has. But there’s a vital point on Acedia thought which I have started to set off in the beginning; I have to say that this magazine is dedicated to Darkhrone at first. So, it ended with the Darkthrone interview in 2009 after 6 years of wandering around and erupting the hell all over!

Acedia: The new album “Dark thrones& Black Flags” will release on 20th October. It’s the album including band’s name first. Are there any specific reason? What do you want to say about the new album, what does it sound like?

Fenriz: I just like the sound of the title, a title could mean the same as TO MEGA THERION but it could also be called VERY BIG BEAST which is a title so bad that it’s actually good. What I am trying to say is that yeah the title means something but it also has to sound and look good – both on paper for most people among those I reckon will view it, but most importantly in my own head.

A: What type of instruments are you using during the recording session? From the beginning are you using the same equipment or what kinds of changes are done on both equipment and instruments?

I hate instruments, I don’t give a fuck about what brand it is and so forth. I just make sure that things are ANTI, meaning the trend has for many years been FAST and copycat, so instead we have our own sound and my drums are SLOW – I don’t necessary mean slow playing but I have LOOSE AND SLOPPY skins, so it will not sound tight and it will sound shit if someone tries to play fast on them – one has to hit HARD on my drums to make ‘em sound good.

When I get riffs in my head, and then make the rest of the song I have only used an acoustic guitar since 1998. I figure if my primitive riffs sound good on that shit, it will sound a.o.k. with fuzz on the finished product. Vocals are just done with a lot of ATTITUDE on my part. I feel that’s being most true to myself. You can understand, as you want to live an active culture life yourself. Making plastic is just a source of embarrassment for yourself when (if) you get older, right?

A: Deathsane, panzergrim, necrohate are one of your fabulous creations in lyrics. Are there any in Darkthrone’s new album “Dark thrones& Black Flags”?

I don’t know, I don’t exactly keep a record of those kinda things. These days I mainly do street lyrics, about the life around me, attitudes I like and mislike. No arty shit for years now

A: Have you ever translated your lyrics? I mean that the lyrics written in your own language-just because the inspiration comes through in your native language- and than translate into English. Or you just write some of them in English and some in Norwegian?

English and Norwegian go hand in hand here in Norway, we think in both languages, many of us.

A: Is Tyrant Syndicate Productions both you and Nocturno’s firm or only Nocturno’s? Why don’t you release Darkthrone albums from Tyrant Syndicate Productions?

Totally uninteresting, tyrant shuts down soon because of too much NAGGING and time problems anyway. It’s not my idea, I don’t do business. But I was glad to stand behind some great releases, old school stuff.

A: Tyrant Syndicate Productions has supported the bands Auro Noir, Old, Abscess, Obliteration. What kind of parameters do you notice when you sign up with a band?

At least we preferred to find the bands ourselves. It would feel like business to sign someone that ASKED to be signed, if you know what I mean.

A: Who is the best concert Black Metal band according to you? Which band would you like to watch?

I listen to music, I don’t watch it. I own 1 music dvd and it’s the old live after death show with iron maiden. I got it just after I got a dvd player. Just saw it once. I don’t like music videos or not the THEORY of live shows either. But I’ve seen many good gigs in my days. I liked to discover new acts. Hated the whole CROWD thing. Like the preacher on stage and the coven in the gig hall. Fuck.

A: What do you think about metal festivals like Wacken, Inferno, Monsters Of Rock, Hellfest, etc.?


A: You worked with Italian charcoal artist Lorenzo Mariani on Sardonic Wrath album cover, released a limited CD called Under Beskyttelse av Morke for photographer Peter Beste’s exhibition in Japan and Nocturno mention old circus performer and saga painter Knut “Ali Baba” on his recent DVD called The Misanthrope. So you seem to be into dark arts apart from music too? There’s also Norwegian nature/fairy tales/trolls painter Theodor Kittelsen which I appreciate most. Are there any who you would like to mention? In addition Knut’s name “Ali Baba” seems very Turkish?

I don’t know these people, Ted was in contact with these ones. Well, and Peter. I used theodor kittelsen, one of his PEST paintings already on the first black death demo in 87. That was 4 years before the rest of the Norwegian crowd caught onto the idea of using him a lot. He is ancient, we learned about his works in school books, etc

A: You claim that Darkthrone still sounds like Motorhead. What’s the place of Motorhead in your life? What do you think about the new stuff of them?

I prefer the drums of philthy animal taylor, mikkey dee is overqualified. But it’s just a taste-thing, I like that style kinda sloppy. If I want perfect drums I listen to Rush or Watchtower.

Motorhead is massive, it’s got rock and punk and metal too. Exactly what most kids today don’t understand. The 90s built a lotta walls between stuff that was crucial to see and hear in open fields.

A: You said modern Black Metal mostly lack of anger? What are the reasons? What are the missing things in 90’s than 80’s?

Maybe they lack oppression instead. They can find out. I prefer using my energy to explore the metal and rock history and music in general. See our myspace for my blogs and influences-lists.

A: In 80’s there was Slayer Magazine published by Jon ‘Metalion’ Kristiansen that was come to scene just before Venom released their first single, Mayhem released Pure Fucking Armageddon demo. Orcustus Magazine which was published by Faust “Bard Eithun” from Stigma Diabolicum, Thorns and Emperor took another major point at those days. Have you ever bought one of them? Don’t you think that underground magazines are also part of the metal scene, by doing interviews people has chance to be enlightened more which artists cannot put into lyrics, by reviews people can meet bands, albums and also the literary, historical, ideological and philosophical part of scene can be expressed by zines? How do you find the magazines, zines nowadays if you compare with 80’s?

SLAYER mag was the BIBLE, man. But it didn’t start until like 83/84. Today’s magazine for the underground is MORBID TALES mag from Canada and many others. Us 80s freaks can still live like the old days, no problems.

A: You’ve favorites from electronic music also. When it comes to spirit inside and natural human-handed music, where would you put electronic music? There are also some influences of noise and industrial music which leak into Black Metal as dark-ambient. What do you say about dark-ambient? Would you please give us what’re you listening nowadays from all genres?

I don’t listen to ambient, I am a rhythm junkie. I just had to get 2 ambient albums outta my own system, more or less to get people to listen more to Klaus Schulze.

I don’t need any dark synths in my metal, never did. My problem with modern metal is this: since 1990 everyone could get overground sound for a cheap price. AT THAT POINT over/underground became a CHOICE. In the 80s underground couldn’t afford the hi fi sound of the overground. Underground was a struggle. Since 1990 it was a CHOICE. We CHOSE to have underground sound after our first album. We learnt from our mistake. Then why does so many CHOOSE to have plastic overground sound? FUCK THEM!
And listen to the follow-cd’s of the big magazines; always the plastic sounding bands on the first of the cd’s. The bands that have individual or a bit underground sound are mostly hidden away on track 10 and onwards. fuck

A: What is the situation of your side-projects Neptune Towers, Isengard, Storm? What was the main goal to start these projects?

I had to get the music out of my head. In 1995/6 I made a choice to fill my head with music to shut my own music inside because I got BURNT OUT by emptying my head so much. 2 years ago I almost got burnt out again. That’s why I told peaceville it must be a 12 QUESTION MAXIMUM on interviews. (Ups I've already passed the limit but he continued anyway)

A: You said in one of your interviews that you quit being a musician in 1991 but it was the date which Darkthrone started to create the first footprints of Black Metal?

Musicians love their instrument. I can not understand this. I am something else entirely. I love RECORDS.

A: In Transylvanian Hunger album, the song called As Flittermice As Satans Spys included back masking technique in the end. It’s heard as “In the name of God, let the churches burn”. Why did you choose to hide the message?

As usually, I WINGED IT. I improvise a lot. I never rehearse my singing before it’s layed on, more often than not what ends up on the record has NEVER been sung more than that one time

A: You’ve started writing songs in Norwegian on Transylvanian Hunger album. What was the main reason? Have the criticisms and confusions about the statements (“Norsk Arisk Black Metal” writing and the unaccepted explanation about it) got any role to write down in Norwegian?

No, the first Norwegian lyric was INN I DE DYPE SKOGERS FAVN on under a funeral moon in 92, released in 93.  When we played live in 1989 once, the guys from Norwegian VOMIT was there and said that someone should start singing in Norwegian. I thought about it a lot, but did not write a lyric in Norwegian before 1992.

A: In your ‘A Blaze In Northern Sky’ album the first song Kathaarian Life Code’s intro and the last song Pagan Winter’s outro is same. Did you prefer to use because of symmetrical impression or why? What does this sporadic voice behind the music say? Is it a kind of recording technique? However this kind of ritual intro/outro is one of the Darkthrone’s magnificent atmospheric timbre or a kind of referring to anything?

This was just emptying my head, I arrange this from my feelings. I don’t like to plan stuff other than tent trips.

A:  Kathaarian Life Code also used in the last scene of Olivier Assayas’s film Demonlover which has 3 nominations and 3 awards and considered as new French extremity. How did you take part on this project?

What, they just contacted Ted I guess and we said yeah you can use it.

A: Why didn’t you have any lyrics on Total Death album? Why did you prefer to use so many (Garm from Ulver, Ihsahn from Emperor, Satyr from Satyricon, Carl Michael Eide from Ved Buens Ende and of course Nocturno Culto) musicians for lyrical composition?

Because I saw everyone moving in their own direction and I wanted people to do something together. Later I think it was great and natural that everyone moved apart from eachother

A: In 1998 for the tribute album “Darkthrone, Holy Darkthrone” Nocturno and Satyr chose 8 Norwegian bands who are heavily influenced by Darkthrone to appear on this project? You’re the pioneer of Black Metal genre and there’re dozens of bands influenced by you. So what kind of parameters did you notice when you were choosing the bands?

We are NOT the pioneers of anything. Black metal was perfect already in 89. We don’t need the stupid 90s. but we thought of mixing bathory sound and celtic sound together and became a huge hit but I don’t think we were original, we became more original in 2005 and onwards.

Pioneers are venom, voivod, voor, von, hellhammer/celtic, merciful fate, obscurity, morbid angel early stuff, destruction, Sodom, bulldozer, bathory, sarcofago, volcano…samael…blasphemy….the list goes on forever, but the 80s 80s 80s is what matters. Old school is NOT 93, it was a time of intense copying and a defining of the genre, in the 80s it was much more original and not that many copycats, … but ME…hehe

A: In 1997 Nocturno left the scene and turned back in Ravishing Grimness era. What was his reason to leave the scene those days?

You gotta ask him questions about him. He left the scene in 93 and has lived secluded on various places ever since. I lived rockn’roll life in Oslo from 1991-2003 but I turned my back on black metal of the modern kind in 94 and supported more thrash like aura noir, infernö and later nocturnal breed and then audiopain. But I had no choice anymore, black metal follows me wherever I turn my head, I am force fed thousand of copy bands of the 90s and it makes me sick and tired, I am only influenced by the 80s but I like thorns demo, mayhem live in Leipzig, burzum. And incarnator. After that I only like new bands with old style like IMPIETY skull fucking Armageddon or VOMITOR styles. In 2003 – 05 I reviewed my life and what I wanted and in 2005 I finally turned my back on the pub/bar-life in oslo, meeting blackpackers (black metal tourism from worldwide etc) and I now keep to myself. This is very difficult, I get 5-ten offers every week to go to important parties and shows and EVERYONE thinks that THEY are the exception that will make me go out. I watched ONE show this year and that was cuz my friend Jack from usa sang for WORLD BURNS TO DEATH. That’s how much I go out. Hehe.

A: Why did you change 2003 year album name from Leper Unction to Hate Them?

Ted didn’t like Leper Unction, I didn’t remember if I asked him why.

A: In Black Metal there’s an aspect that keyboards create nicer melodies- although it’s used to make atmosphere- which kill true Black Metal. So melodic Black Metal genre sucks. Nocturno Culto expresses the same idea in his interviews, Swedish band Marduk put “no keyboards are used” on their Heaven Shall Burn album cover. But on the other hand respective Norwegian band Emperor includes keyboards on their albums and no one complains about and Burzum does whole album with syths. Do you agree with Noc?

It’s different ways of using synths. I am music police and say burzum did it right. 99% of the others does it WRONG.

A: Would you please share your memories belongs to Euronymous and his unique shop Helvete days? It’s said that Helvete functioned as an expression of Euronymous himself; he taught people what true Black Metal is not and what not here and spread his testimony and so it can be said that Norwegian Black Metal scene connected with this shop. What do you think?

Well, I guess the ones that had been longest in the scene discussed a lot of ethics there. It was only open on and off for 1.5 years. From ca august 91 till end of 92. I got drunk or half drunk there a lot, I am sure it annoyed Euronymous cuz I had money for it – I was working hard since 88 every day and I still have that day job- I never quit it. I never wanted to live on music. That was for many other guys to dream of

A: When it comes to church burnings in Norway. The pioneer of the scene seems to be Euronymous but Varg from Burzum claims that he had never been into any church burnings. There’re lots of rumors between this duos. What do you think about church burnings which is said to prevent pagan origins, culture, etc? What was and is the attitude of Darkthrone on this subject?

That’s fire under the bridge, man

A: What about Norway on censorships and religious obstacles? We read that Evangelism is strong in south and west coasts where Christian denominators tend to be extremely conservative. Besides they accepted the British comedy ‘The Life Of Brian’ as blasphemous and there’s said to be a taboo against violence and horror on media.

Yeah, but jesus has no power over our life here, only the ones that INSIST on making it a problem. And they kinda use the energy wrong. Xtians here has been digging their own grave for a long time now. But there are other religions coming. In short, I HATE organized religion and this disgust IS black metal. But in the metal scene we should fight those who choose PLASTIC SOUND instead of some guy that holds no power anymore

A: Black Metal is mixed and mostly confused with many ideologies, manifests like Anton LaVey has spread. He also misunderstand horror literature that’s he tried to express the creativity of H.P. Lovecraft with Sumerian mythology and beliefs although Lovecraft originally created a horror substructure on his stories. It’s said that Mercyful Fate, Vorplack, Acheron and Ihsahn from Emperor are influenced from LaVey’s manifest.
On the other hand in the name of black magic and rituals Aleister Crowley takes part in both other metal and black metal genres too. Especially Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin is influenced from him, Gezer Butler from Black Sabbath interested in black magic. British progressive rock/heavy metal band Widow and Coven are other examples. What do you think?

I think what can make you into a fulfilled man is proper stuff. Create something that can open doors for you later in life. Whether it be quilting or black metal HAHAHAHAHA

A: When paganism comes into speech, Heathenism, Witchcraft, Wiccan beliefs, Neopagan Occultism and Shamanism disclose. What your thoughts about these subjects?

Too many to mention, it is vital food for thoughts as adolescents, but every time has it’s own instruments. I think I got a lot out of it and treated it back with both respect and disrespect. I like to think of Quorthon as a spearhead that people could heed. I do, atleast.

A: There’s a pretension that the inverted cross comes from Pagan symbol Mjöllnir that’s known as Thor’s Hammer. Pagans modificated the Mjöllnir and create an anti-christ symbol inverted cross. What do you want to say about the origins and meanings deeper than anyone of course about inverted cross?

Read or don’t read. Keep doing what you’re doing, only 5% will succeed anyway. Or maybe 20% of people can reach self-realization. I don’t need a map anymore, and I hope some of you out there reaches this feeling. But one must reach it in their own way, I can’t tell ‘em. I had no one to tell ME.

A: National Socialist Black Metal(NSBM) is progressing with Black Metal. Varg Vikernes with Burzum and Graveyard is the pioneers. Besides, Varg is supported by the conservative right wing of Norway in prison. What is your point of view on this subject?

I don’t know anything about it, actually

A: Misanthropy is the milestone for Black Metal kind of living with whole deeper and natural feeling come from inside by its own or become apparent. Both you and Nocturno seem really into this isolation, am I right? What kind of things feed this kind of attitude, attitude tends to be far from humanity?

Well, we get everything offered all the time so it is easy to turn our backs. The pathetic ones that NEED and NEED – they are addicted to applause and handshaking of the many. I try to have fewer people in my life, but as you can see on our last albums, my thanx lists are huge. I like to namedrop, but when someone ASKS to be namedrop – they destroy that possibility for themselves. Understand?

A: You refused to be given Norwegian Grammy award which had already accepted by Mayhem, Satyricon, Gorgoroth, Immortal, Enslaved, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth, etc. What was the reason? Do you think these awards out of the scene a kind of manipulation or domestication of wild Black Metal nature?

No, we refused to even be NOMINATED. I don’t like that circus, I never dreamt of this as a child and I don’t feel like it now- I don’t like to be talked into things, I go by gut feeling a lot. I get SOOO many offers, I say NO to sooo many, and this was just another NO for me.

A: Are there any literary opus, author or philosopher which you classified as unholy or unique for you?

No. but I read the MORGAN KANE book series twice. That’s 83 books, haha. Western books. Necrobutcher preferred Clay Allison I remember, hehe

A: You mention too much about Rain Man movie on your interviews. So what do you think about this movie actually? Are there any other movies which you put on your favorite list?

Last movie I saw was YOU AND ME AND EVERYONE WE KNOW, I think it was called. I like movies about LIFE, our human condition. But ofcourse I was impressed by THERE WILL BE BLOOD too.

A: What kind of tattoos do you have and what’re their meanings? I have to say that they look really awesome on you.

Well, I HATE the idea of tattoos as SOMETHING NICE. And one more thing about the 90s that suck are TRIBAL TATOOES! HAHAHAH! What a joke. “I drew it myself”. HAHAHAHAHA I made many writings myself, THEY mean something and I DREW IT MYSELF hahahaha. I have my own philosophy, again I WING it and things that shaped my life end up on my skin. It is merely a result of my life.

A: Apart from internet forums, MySpace and face book are insisted as another communication tools, according to be all of them sucks from the beginning, don’t they? What do you call them?

Myspace is my main communication channel, if you wanna be a better 60s freak you’ll be better with myspace, if you wanna be a better 70s freak you get better on myspace etc. it reminds me of the 80s underground that I come from, lots of trading and worldwide contact.

I am not on facebook

I am not on forums.

A: You said you reconstructed your web site not to be bothered by info, biography, etc. But there’s no biography on your web site but on Peaceville’s got. Anyway what were the main reasons?

I don’t do that page, I have no info on it. Myspace is our home.

A: In one of your interviews you said that the worst things that the civilization has come up with all these thousand years are V style ski jumping and internet forums. Why do you think this V style sucks? Do you ski jumping or just think it’s boring?

Because I like to watch the old styles. It was ment as a humorous saying. everyone agrees that it sucks to look at v style compared to the old styles.

A: Have you counted your forest camping or wandern? 

In my tent guide for AFTENPOSTEN OSLOPULS this year (serious Norwegian newspaper) I said I would make 35 tent trip from april-october. On this Saturday (27 september)I go on trip nr 36. 

A: These last two question is out of interview, I mean not to be published but I’m curious; your attractive necklace that never changes till 80’s. Is it a kind of pagan symbol? I’m freak to want/buy it from you but I guess I’m not attempting it.

It still stays on, I just saw it in a store window downtown Oslo in 93 and I wore it ever since. In ca 98 I saw that in a photo, Quorthon had the same one. FAR OUT!!!

A: We want to interview Tyrant Syndicate Productions’ bands in this issue and want to support true music! Auro Noir is my favorite but also we want to interview with Abscess, Old and Obliteration. May you please arrange your bands for us?

What can I say, just contact them on myspace!!! Or go through peaceville. I don’t do business, you know.

Everyone support REAL metal, SARCOFAGUS (Finland), PAGAN ALTAR, MANILLA ROAD, OMEN etc.

Note I: I preferred the use old photos to be in line with the spirit of this old interview.

Note II: Many things were talked and it was a pleasure to know more Fenriz back then. I do not want to let this one of my favourite interviews rust in peace as peace is not for the souls who were born in chaos!

Note III: Darkthrone is still "A Blaze in the Northern Sky", "Under A Funeral Moon" & "Transilvanian Hunger" for me!!! So, here we go and finish with a dark masterpiece....

"My heart is the one
That will tend to your flames
And make them mine
We share this spirit
My heart is yours..."

To Walk the Infernal Fields

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