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2019 is like a library holding the darkest blast in secret with its gushing screams in the language of black metal.

“Every time we walked through the garden we spoke of being its guardians, never its owners, because (as with all gardens) the place felt possessed by an independent spirit which the ancients called numinous”

Just like Alberto Manguel says above, Black Metal Chronicles is a garden in Helvete when you clash various astonishing opuses sinister, elusive and perverted where we are wandering as guardians who eternize them while being lured by its numinous spirits.

Just imagine these stellar black metal opuses (with 1 precious exemption) from 2009 screaming blue murder in their disruptive lyrics, 10 years old now, but sinister enough to be each self-inflicted 30 bullets wound to the head, dedicated to A.!

1       Kniven rider dypt i natt! R.I.P. Nefas & Piggy!

Band : Urgehal
Album : Ikonoklast
Label Season of Mist Underground Activists
Country : Norway
Genre : Oldschool black metal

"Kniven Rider Dypt I Natt" is dedicated to Piggy (R.I.P.) and Voivod.
Dates that they had travelled to the blakkest stars:
12.05.2012… Trond Bråthen (Nefas)
26.08.2005… Denis D'Amour (Piggy)

Kniven Rider Dypt I Natt

2      Shining is ready to destroy all your pretty lives! “This confession has meant nothing”…

Band : Shining
Album : Klagopsalmer
Label : Osmose Productions
Country : Sweden
Genre :  Suicidal black metal / progressive

Cover art is done by Erik Danielsson which is a photo what he was seeing from his window.
The song called “Ohm” is sung in Norwegian.
Such a peculiar year and luring album as at this album's European tour, I met with Niklas and we made a deal to translate his upcoming poetry book(When Prozac No Longer Helps) into Turkish in Prague/Czech Rebuplic. 

Plågoande O'helga Plågoande

3   Nighttime Music in Mystery

Band : Drudkh
Album : Microcosmos
Label : Season of Mist Underground Activists
Country : Ukraine
Genre : Atmospheric/pagan black metal

Ranked 11 in Terrorizer Top 40 Albums of 2009
Ranked 3 in Top 30 Metal Albums of 2009 at Haunting The Chapel: The 30 Best Metal Albums Of 2009 (Plus Dozens Of Guest Lists) list by Stereogum Online Music Mag.

Lyrics are from Ukrainian poets, Ivan Franko on "Distant Cries of Cranes", Oleh Olzhych on "Decadence", Bohdan Rubchak on "Ars Poetica".

Widow’s Grief” was clipped from the soundtrack for the 1995 film Atentat.

Ars Poetica

4   Progressive shores of the plague

Band : 1349
Album : Revelations of the Black Flame
Label : Candlelight Records
Country : Norway
Genre : Black metal

Bifurcation point by having dark ambient influences between straight-forward albums
Includes Pink Floyd cover “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun”.
Mixing is done by Tom Gabriel Fischer (Celtic Frost)

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

5    Enslaved in the isle of dead

Band : Wolves In The Throne Room
Album : Black Cascade
Label : Southern Lord Recordings
Country : USA
Genre :  Black Metal, Ambient

1st song called “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” is also painting of German romantic era artist Caspar David Friedrich which is one of the representative masterpieces.

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog

6   All Hell’s fire erupting in your face

Band : Gorgoroth
Album : Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt
Label :  Regain Records
Country : Norway
Genre : Black metal

Satan Prometheus

7   Philosophizing with a Hammer

Band : Funeral Mist
Album : Maranatha
Label : Norma Evangelium Diaboli
Country : Sweden
Genre : Black metal

Jesus Saves!

8    Hauntingly dissonant yet utterly tempting with first ever human drummer 

Band : Lifelover
Album : Dekadens
Label : Osmose Productions
Country : Sweden
Genre : Suicidal black metal/experimental


9    Utter perdition in ambivalent tempo and unholy blast!

Band : Marduk
Album : Wormwood
Label : Regain
Country : Norway
Genre :  Black metal

Phosphorus Redeemer

10    Ravishing darkness from pagan shores

Band :  Nocturnal Mortum
Album : The Voice of Steel
Label : Oriana Music
Country : Ukraine
Genre : Epic/pagan black metal


Band : Blut Aus Nord
Album : Memoria Vetusta 
II (Dialogue with the Stars)
Label : Candlelight Records
Country : France
Genre : Atmospheric, 
Avant-garde Black Metal

Band : Immortal
Album : All Shall Fall
Label : Nuclear Blast
Country : Norway
Genre : Black Metal

Band : Arckanum
Label : Debemur Morti Productions
Country  : Sweden
Genre : Black Metal

Band : Dark Funeral
Album : Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus
Label : Regain Records
Country : Sweden
Genre : Black Metal

Band : Sólstafir
Album : Köld
Label : Spikefarm Records
Country : Iceland
Genre : Post-black metal

Band : Drowning the Light
Album : An Alignment of Dead Stars
Label  : Avantgarde Music
Country : Australia
Genre : Black Metal

Band : Lustre
Album : Night Spirit
Label : De Tenebrarum Principio
Country  : Sweden
Genre : Atmospheric black metal/Ambient

Band : Ad Hominem
Album : Dictator - A Monument of Glory
Label : Darker than Black Records
Country  : France
Genre : Black Metal

Band : Azaghal
Album : Teraphim
Label : Moribund Records
Country : Finland
Genre : Black Metal

Band : Vreid
Album : Milorg 
Label : Indie Recordings
Country : Norway
Genre : Melodic black metal

Band : Old Man’s Child
Album : Slaves of the World
Label : Century Media Records
Country : Norway
Genre : Black Metal

Band : Absu
Album : Absu
Label : Candelight Records
Country : USA
Genre : Black Metal

Band : Evilfeast
Album : Wolves of Hyperborean Frost
Label : Funeral Sound Production
Country :  Poland
Genre : Atmospheric black metal

Band : Austere
Album : To Lay Like Old Ashes
Label : Eisenwald
Country :  Australia
Genre : Depressive black metal

Band : Striborg
Album : Southwest Passage
Label : Displeased Records
Country : Australia
Genre : Ambient black metal

Band : Fen
Album :  The Malediction Fields
Label : Code666 Records
Country : UK
Genre :  Post-black metal

Band : Master's Hammer
Album : Mantras
Label :  Independent
Country : Czech Republic
Genre : Black metal/Experimental

Band : Skagos
Album :  Ást
Label : Eternal Warfare Records
Country :  Canada
Genre : Atmospheric Black Metal

29   “Because I just fucking hate this world!!!”

Band : Beherit
Album : Engram
Label : Spinefarm Records
Country :Finland
Genre : Black Metal

30   Just because there is a mysterious fractal that converge to its aesthetics by following seriously aperiodic paths, only once in a lifetime. 

VOIVOD / Infini
Destroy After Reading

"Black covered words on pages, these files are kept for ages
Who's taking so much precaution, who's making new versions
Revolving doors keep turning, some heads will be rolling
Never underestimate when it's right in your face
No time remaining, destroy after reading"

Infini is the final Voivod album to feature Piggy's contributions.
Destroy something after reading!

More Info: 

For the rest of all albums (except some missing in Spotify still) mentioned in this article can be found here:

30 Years Curse

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