Monday, March 11, 2019


Pandemonium/JOHN MARTIN

Songs of Desolation, Malignancy and Firey Fields...

Black metal trilogy was an grotesque idea just blooming from two darkest minds as me and Joseph.

We wrote the lyrics with Joseph and submit to intricate, idiosyncrating musicians who have high appreciation on dark arts, possessing undeground feeling while having black metal life styles.

The themes of the lyrics are selected due to their foremost depictures of dark arts in the form of black metal.

I would like to thank to these people who are devoted musicians and my beloved friends as Joseph Chmelar, Serkan Kaya, Ozan Tunç, Çağatay Çağlar, Dennis and Frost Noir members for being the part of this malicious project and creating black metal songs in three different styles!

Treefold aspect in Black Metal!

Darkness, Hate, Satan!

Keep the black metal fire alive!


The Path was a lie
All gates are closed
The empire of black
You will never leave
The darkness
That has come to be...

All Gods are dead
Rotten and burned
No fucking holy light
Paint the crosses black

With open eyes yet blind
See the malevolent black
See the darkness
That no light can penetrate
The darkness...
That shall be - ETERNAL!

Lyrics: Joseph Chmelar

Music: Frost Noir


Hate - the purest emotion
Animalistic feeling
Savage and wild
Sense of the Beast

Wrath fills you
Deep within
The true master
The beast inside

Never stop, never rest
Whispers in the night
Cold and cruel
Demand and order

Never forgive
Never forget
See, follow and hunt
Always victorious


Lyrics: Joseph Chmelar

        All instruments & vocals & records: Ozan Tunç (Amras Numenesse)


Roll your eyes
to the darkness
When wake up
foggy night shall leak
into your mind

Superseding mists
with your spirit
Raven like pupilla
Burning heart
by the flames of inferno

Invades your soul
Your human body
is a style of fiasco 

Wear the wings
of malice
Back of the beyond
melodies resonate

Glowing Lucifer 
In your darkest desires
In the depth of unconscious
Scars in your mind 
Breathe in your nape 

One shall destroy
to create 
Demolish the taboos
to contend
With Satan deep inside
With Self
With Lucifer
Et spiritus sancti


Lyrics: Zeynep Çolakoğlu

Music: Serkan Kaya

Vocal: Çağatay Çağlar

All instruments & Back Vocals & Records: Ozan Tunç
(Amras Numenesse)

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