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Black Metal
Det Svarte Juv (Release Date 19 April 2019)
Peaceville Records

This is the era when black metal needs new blood to suffocate the light for eternal pitch black while summoning the original roots in malignancy.

Mork’s latest full-length “Det Svarte Juv” released by Peaceville records on 19th April is ready to haunt the listener in isolated Norwegian lands so far. It is the fractal point of the era just presents the bloody new vein for black metal with its cold at heart stance and gloomy atmosphere. From oldschool shores of black metal in terms of classic blast-beats, scratchy guitar tones satisfies the anticipation for black metal feeling while quilting the melancholic passages in variable tempos. When listener come to the last song sharing the title of the album as ‘Det svarte juv’, bleak darkness resonates with clean vocals that has tendency to feel in a sort of requiem in a pagan ritual.

This musical experience goes awry by presenting black metal from 2000s by turning its faces to oldschool times in its personal way and strikes with bass parts distinguishing in the songs and submerge one into its deep melodies.

Throughout the 50.44 minutes, desolate with the sounds of storm, remembrance to old Dark Throne opuses, harsh vocal tones as if in Blashyrkh realm. An enigmatic piece, icy riffs, ferociously alive so be ready for a certain detour to Helvete by the guidance of “Det Svarte Juv”.

 Mork - I Flammens Favn (with Det Svarte Juv)

More Info:


Thomas Eriksen (all instruments)

Live members:

Alex Bruun – Robin Saxsæter – Daniel Minge


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